STM Soccer Club NSCAA Coaching Course


If you plan on Coaching, or even being an Assistant coach, at any level above Hot Shots and Intramural you must have your coaching license before your seasons start. We highly recommend that you attend this class if you do not have a license because it is local and Coach Crampton is doing this specifically for our Club and its' Coaches. Many other classes are located in Philly and Lancaster area and require travel and even hotel stays....The class is fully reimbursable by the Club but travel and hotel stays are not! We spread the class out over the course of a week to make it more amenable to your schedule. Usually these classes are 3 days in a row and it is tough to find time to do it.

Why do you need a coaching license:

- Mandatory for all LVYSL/EPYSA leagues

- Will teach you how to run an effective practice and manage your team...endless support from NSCAA in form of tools, drills, and support

- You plan on Coaching a travel team in the next year or so...do not wait until then! We have had a bunch of instances where Coaches weren't allowed to Coach and/or a team was forced to play intramural due to lack of license.

Please follow the following link to register: